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At Arsh we do believe in providing our health conscious customers with a more holistic eating experience. Organic is a guarantee about how an agricultural product was grown and handled before it reached the consumer. Organic processors maintain food’s organic status by segregating it from synthetic and other prohibited materials.

´ORGANIC’ means chemical free food, which includes Raw Material their processing, packing and delivery upto the end consumer level.

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Are Organic Foods Really Healthier For You?
The physical benifits can be boiled down to nutrients present in organic foods that are not in commercial foods and toxins not in organic foods that are present in commercial foods. A recent artical in the journal of Applied Nutrition gave credence to the notion that organic foods have higher nutrient levels than non organic foods. In this study the mineral content of organic apples, pear, potatoes, wheat, and sweet corn were compared to commercial varieties. Overall the organic foods showed much higher levels of nutrient minerals and much lower levels of heavy metals.

IconSelenium is one of the antioxident nutrients that protects us from damage by enviornmental chemicals. It is proactive against CANCER and HEART disease. It was found to be an average of 390% higher in Organic Foods.

IconCalcium, needed for strong bones, averaged 63% higher in Organics.

IconBoron, which has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis, averaged 70% more in Organic Food.

IconLithium, which is used to treat certain type of dipression, was 188% higher in Organic Food.

IconChromium is a micronutrient that is low in western diets. Its deficiency is associated with the onset of adult diabetes and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

IconThe nutrients most often affected are vitamin C, beta carotene, and the B vitamins. These nutrients are vitally necessary for the body to withstand the onslaught of chemical toxins. Vitamin C has been well documented by two- times Nobel laureate Linus Pauling to prevent and treat CANCERS. Beta carotene has been shown to be a stimulant of the immune system, and is sometimes able to prevent lung cancer and all of the above Vitamins is 200% higher in Organic Foods.

IconWhen we studied organic food for minerals level, the researchers also looked for tzhe amount of the heavy metals aluminium, cadmium, lead and murcury. Aluminum has been implicated for years in the development of Alzherimer‘s disease. It‘s content in organic food averaged 40% less that in commercial foods.

IconOrganic food consumption has become the trend of the multiple health benifits that it offers. Organic food is absolutely natural and is packed with loads of vital nutrients required by the body. One of the major benifits of eating organic food is that, not only its tastes better than conventional foods, but also contains a far greater quality, that makes it more nutritious. Its a perfect health improving remedy.

IconOrganic foods contain loads of minirals and vitamin C, which the body requires. In fact, it has been analyzed by health experts that organic food is more nutritious, in the sense, it has 27% more vitamin C, 29% more magnesium, 21% more Iron and 14% more phosphorous, when compared to conventional foods. So, adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating natural organic foods.

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